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Who Are We?

The band program at Heritage Hills High School and Middle School is comprised of multiple programs which help reach the goal of providing students with opportunities for instrumental music expression.  These programs include marching band, concert band, pep band, jazz band, winter percussion, color guard, and winter guard. These programs strive to promote music excellence in the community, as well as showcase the local talent of our students musically.

What Do We Offer Our Sponsors?


With this program we hope to revitalize the growth and support in our community through a partnership with both local and national retailers and vendors. We also welcome donations from private organizations and individuals wishing to be represented in the same manner.  With any sponsorship, you want to be certain your company and patronage will get as much notice as possible in order to impact sales, stimulate growth, and let the community know you’re involved. Through the variety of levels of contributions you may choose how much involvement and exposure you wish for your company or organization to receive to maximize your dollar while getting much in return.

Why Sponsors?

The Heritage Hills Band programs are supported by the Heritage Hills Band Boosters.  This group of dedicated parents assists the band in raising the funds necessary to run the band programs.  Each year the Band Boosters conduct fundraising events, and offer opportunities for the students, to help offset the costs of travel (including hotel rooms, bussing, as well as transportation equipment owned by the Heritage Hills Band Boosters), events, instrument replacement and repair, costumes, props, uniform repair and replacement, and staffing needs.  In addition, each student pays a fee to address the general costs of the band programs.


HOWEVER, band fees and fundraising fall drastically short of meeting the needs of the band program at Heritage Hills.  




Sponsors can assist the Heritage Hills Band programs by funding operating costs that are not covered by the Heritage Hills Band Boosters and too costly to be added to student fees.  If students were charged the full cost of what it takes to run the band programs, participation would be very limited and available only to those who could afford to pay. We want EVERY student with a love for music and guard to participate!  


YOUR Sponsorship can fund:

Instrument Replacement and Repair

Music Compositions

Competition Expenses

Band Uniforms

Guard Costumes



And SO much more!

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